Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC)

Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) is the centre of excellence in the area of Liquid Propulsion for ISRO's Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft programmes. The activities are spread across Valiamala / Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore. LPSC, Valiamala

LPSC, Valiamala


LPSC, Valiamala
ISRO, Department of Space
Valiamala PO
Thiruvanthapuram - 695 547

LPSC Valiamala is the Headquarters and the centre is entrusted with the responsibility of research and development of Earth Storable and Cryogenic propulsion and delivers Engines, stages, associated control systems and components for Launch Vehicle and Spacecrafts.

Major Achievements include:

  • Liquid Rocket Stages and Control Power Plant for PSLV
  • Liquid stage for GSLV
  • Propulsion system for GEOSAT and IRS spacecrafts
  • Propulsion system for SPE
  • Transducer development and production
  • LPSC delivered administration package of COWAA software ,which is currently being used across all ISRO centres

LPSC, Bangalore

LPSC, Bangalore
ISRO, Department of Space
80 Ft. Road
HAL 2nd Stage, H.P.O.
Bangalore - 560 008

The centre located at Bangalore is responsible for Satellite Propulsion Systems Integration for GEOSAT and IRS programmes. The centre is also responsible for design and development of monopropellant propulsion system, System engineering, Transducer and Spacecraft propellant tanks. The centre is involved in R&D and TDP activities towards development of electric propulsion system, propellant gauging system for spacecraft, advanced transducers etc.

Major Achievements include:

  • Integration of propulsion systems for INSAT, GSAT, IRS class of satellites
  • providing propellant ervicing for launch and support for in orbit operation of the propulsion systems
  • Transducers development and production undertaken caters to launch vehicle, satellite propulsion system and facility requirements.
  • Monopropellant thruster developed and realised are used in IRS class of satellites