Technology Offers

PF 108

PF-108 is a special grade liquid phenolic matrix resin which is used as a precursor for production of silica phenolic throat inserts for the liquid engines of ISRO launch vehicles. These materials may also find potential industrial applications in bonding, sealing,coating,potting, laminating, molding, etc..

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PF 106

PF-106 is a resol type thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde polymer used for processing high temperature resistant ablative materials such as carbon phenolic and silica phenolic composites. PF 106 is a high temperature curing resin which has excellent ablative properties and char strength.

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MEMS Acoustic Sensor

MEMS Acoustic sensor is used for monitoring the Acoustic Levels generated during the launch of a satellite launch vehicle. It is a piezoelectric MEMS sensor with built-in electronics. MEMS technology enables miniature devices to be precision batch fabricated.

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PC-10 Thermal Protection System

PC-10 Thermal Protection System (TPS) is silicone polymer based compound, which are good ablative thermal insulators. These compounds are room temperature curing systems which can be applied by brushing, spraying and putty blade. The remarkable features of the system include good thermal, chemical and ageing resistance and compatibility with wide variety of substrates.

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New Technologies on Offer for Know-How Transfer

New technology offers from ISRO for know-how transfer to industries. Technologies in Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical and Materials, Sensors, Antenna, Application and Software domains are available for know-how transfer to industries. For more details please download the pdf.

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