Guidelines for Proposal Preparation

The potential PI should submit the proposal in a format described in the following sections. The format for the cover page is given in Annexure - 4. The format for the detailed proposal is given in Annexure - 5.The format for proposal includes a Declaration to be signed by the Principal Investigator and the Head of the Institution.

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be limited to around 10 pages in length on standard A4 size paper, typed double-spaced and in the prescribed format. Two copies of the proposal prepared in the formats given in Annexure - 4 and Annexure - 5 should be mailed to:

Dr. R. Phani Rajasekhar

Coordinator, Chandrayaan-1TMC,HySI data utilisation AO,

 Planetary Sciences Division, BPSG/EPSA

Space Applications Centre

Indian Space Research Organisation


 Ambawadi  Vistar P. O.

Ahmedabad - 380 015, India

Telephone                 : +91 - 79 – 2691 4359;

Fax                           : +91 - 79 – 2691 5823;

E-mail                      :

Description of the Proposal

The main part of the proposal should contain a summary (briefing the objectives, methodology, deliverables of the project and the time schedule), followed by a detailed description of the objectives and the scientific rationale being addressed. The data requirement and the analysis methods should be highlighted. The methodology or approach to be followed, the expected results of the project must be presented. Targeted schedule for various stages of the project must be indicated including the completion date.

Project Duration

It is expected that the project will be completed within 3 years. PIs are expected to present the results in a science plan workshop to be conducted as and when announced. PIs are also expected to publish the results from these studies in national/international peer reviewed journals and present their results in national/international conferences/symposia. 

Data Requirements

As described in section 6.2, the proposal should identify  and utilize more no. of  TMC and HySI data sets for the proposed study. The project proposal should clearly indicate geographical extent of study region on the Moon and the data sets required, Details of coverage of TMC, HySI data sets over equatorial and polar regions are shown in Figures.1 and 2.  More details of TMC and HySI data sets acquired by Chandrayaan-1 can also be obtained from website of ISSDC at These data sets can be downloaded from ISSDC, Bangalore.

Coverage of TMC data over a) Near Side b) Farside c) North and d) South pole regions of the Moon. Outline of TMC data is shown by Green colored box.

Coverage of HySI data over a) Near Side b) Farside c) North and d) South pole regions of the Moon. Outline of HySI data is shown by Green colored box.


The project may involve joint efforts involving many individuals from the concerned institution(s). However, only one PI will be recognized. Other participants could be designated as "Co-Investigators". PI/Co-Investigator shall provide Curriculum Vitae referring to educational qualifications, the work carried out in the related areas and list of recent publications. The PI is responsible for ensuring timely completion of the project. The assurance of necessary administrative and financial spending support to PI and Co-Investigators from Head of the Institution(s) is a must.

Facilities and Equipment

Describe available computer facilities, image analysis software packages and other equipments in the home institution or in sister concerns that are accessible for the project.

Project Evaluation

It is proposed that a workshop will be conducted at the end of every year for the purpose of reviewing the progress of the AO projects and sharing the results with lunar scientific community. PIs of each project are expected to attend these workshops and brief about the progress of the respective project.